Weekly Photo Challenge – Opposites



Porto in and of itself is a bit of a study in opposites: dilapidated walls stand alongside opulent azulejo tiles; simple, delicious cuisine is cultivated in the same city as rich port wines; and in this case, colorful doorways beckon through the fog and the rain. As is the case in many cities (like my beloved Memphis), the opposites seem to better each other– would these doors be the welcome splatter of color that they are here if I saw them in San Juan, where sun streams daily across pink and orange and blue walls? Would the patterned tiles lining the doorway look so forlorn without the brilliance below them? I don’t think so– that’s the intrigue of a city of opposites.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Opposites

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    Such a lovely shot. It looks very cute, and you very cute too holding the umbrella and posing of the camera 😀 I think these doors would be welcomed anywhere. After all, anything with bright colour often gives off a welcoming expression, to come closer and see it all up close 🙂

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