Weekly Photo Challenge – Fun!


Photo Aug 15, 10 43 03 AM.jpg

I couldn’t even begin to choose one photo to represent all the fun I had in the most fun city in the world (Madrid, of course), but this is a pretty good start. I was on crutches and lived in the hilliest neighborhood in the city, but every few days I’d attempt to hobble down to María Bonita Taco Bar in Lavapiés to get out of the house for a little bit. My friends and I, sipping the most refreshing tamarind margaritas and munching on tortilla chips, were approached by a group of clowns. Not the kind of clowns that normally try to strike up a conversation at a bar, but actual, trained, clown-school clowns. After a few card tricks and pick-up lines that weren’t as well-received as they’d hoped, they dejectedly left the bar, but left us a deck of clown cards to remember them by. Ever the quick wit, my friend Andrea just looked down at our table and said “sums up two years of trying to find a boyfriend.” Ziiiiing.

María Bonita Taco Bar, Calle del Olmo 23, +34 911.294.745



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